Friday, February 25, 2011

" My name is Anna. And I'm an organize-aholic."

So I like to clean. And organize. A lot. Like more than most people.  I find it relaxing. Almost therapeutic.  If you have seen Friends, I have been likened to the character Monica more times than I can count.  I am one of those people who cannot focus unless their space is neat and clean.  In fact, I just reorganized and "spring cleaned" one of the rooms that I live in.  Partly because it needed cleaning, and partly because I was just so excited for something new and organized.  I had to make myself do homework and put it off until this weekend.  That is how excited I was.

So now that you know what I freak I am .... I would just like to say that it looks really nice! And homey.

Speaking of home... I miss mine! Mostly my fabulous mother and father.  But also my dog, Riley Rose. She is about as blonde as the stereotype gets, and I love her to death.  She walks into things.  People say she got it from me.

I was looking forward to going on a cool, fun, fabulous Spring Break this year with my momma.  However, I think we will be having a cool, fun, fabulous Spring Break at home.  Which could turn out to be just what I need.  Today has been an up and down day.  And I keep thinking about things that I want to blog about.  I know you are just dying to read about my oh so exciting life.  So I will do my best to get on the ball and write about some of the things I have been thinking.

Thoughts of the day:

- I am in Old Testament Survey this semester and am discovering the Old Testament is actually really interesting!
- It's possible to love others, love yourself, love God, and be in love all at the same time.  Cool stuff, right?
- Positivity really makes a difference.  (and it can annoy people... just ask my friends)
- Our Jesus loves and personally identifies with our needs and struggles. That's amazing.
- The loving relationships we maintain with those we are closest to here on earth are just a glimpse of the amazing love relationship we are continuously working on with Christ.  The parallel is pretty cool I think.  I never thought about my relationship with God in a lovey-dovey way until I came to Greenville.  But the more I learn, the more I see how it makes sense.  When you love someone, you take the time to know them intimately.  You make time for them.  You know everything about them and you become in tune with them and how they work. You know what makes them tick.  How much more amazing, then, would our relationship with God be if we truly applied those same things?
- Love. really is all you need.