Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Grand Adventure

I left my sleepy town on Wednesday afternoon, stayed with Magen in Indiana that night, and drove with Kathleen all the way to Garner, NC on Thursday.  I got all unpacked and settled in, and was surprisingly at ease. I was half expecting myself to freak out! I practiced my driving-in-the-big-city skills on Friday in a monsoon and didn't even get lost.  I got to visit a 4th grade classroom, which was so fun! It amazes me how much I can learn just by observing awesome teachers at work.  I also met my boss and some other people that I will be slaving away with.  I can't start for about 2 weeks after I finish all the paperwork on Tuesday, so that is a bummer money-wise.  However, it does mean I get a break! Which is rather awesome.  I am hoping to get some things accomplished, explore the area, and HOPEFULLY get to the beach! 
Kathleen and Keith are graciously letting me stay with them this summer, and are spoiling me so far! :) I plan on cleaning a lot for them to help out.  They are so sweet. As is Kathleen's baby bump... so cute! 
All in far, so good! I am very glad I decided to come down here. I know that God had a hand in it, and I know that I will learn and grow! So excited for this adventure!!!

Church today was fabulous.  Colonial is a really awesome church, and the pastor is really interesting.  I learned a lot today... He has been preaching on James for the past year, and I am catching the tail end.  Today was chapter 5, verse 12 - about honesty.  "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no." Let your character speak for itself ... avoid adding empty oaths and promises you know you can't keep. 

.... and soon it will be lunch time... and maybe a nap. ;)

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